Local Black Lists and how to get off of them

So if you are planning to get a server and setup your own mail services on it you might run into some black lists out there. Now many people think that you get placed on a black list because you did something bad. Yes, that is how they are supposed to work. Check out the two links below that check exactly those types of lists.

The lists I am talking about are no such beasts. My theory is that some ISPs blacklist any IP address (or range) they haven't received mail from in "X number of years" in the theory that someday it could pop up and start spewing spam. So block it and never have to worry about it. If someone legit pops up, make them jump through a few hoops to prove they aren't a spam ba$-tard, and we white list them. Great system if it works. Horrible system if you can't operate it correctly. You can see below who falls into which camp.

To start, any IP address you are given you should check against sites that check Internet blacklists for you.

Kloth.net has one
MXToolbox has one as well

Even though you might not appear on any of these lists (the two servers I own don't). You might still be blocked by ISP local black lists. How they come up with them, not a clue. Do you have a clue? Drop us a line.

Companies that have local black lists

Are there more out there?

If you know of other ISPs that are doing things like this, let me know. I'll try to find a user and send some mail, and report back what it took to get off their list.

Why am I doing all of this?

I think local blacklists are fine to a certain extent. Sure there is a huge debate about them, and many people hate them. However, if you provide a simple way to prove your worthiness and get removed, then I don't think they are that bad. Those lists that require you to pay money to be removed, or ask you to do insane things I think is wrong. Or anyone who blocks an entire subnet becuase of one bad apple (in a static IP pool) is a little too extremist for my tastes. Also those companies that can't seem to operate their own black list seems just a bit scary. However, companies like SBC and Earthlink that have a way to get off their list, more power to you, you are fighting a tough spam battle as we all are.

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